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I feel like jumping above the clouds,
Screams of joy make my mouth loud.
Excitement takes over my body's soul,
Like she's my master and I'm her doll.
Anger visits me in my darkest hours,
Locking all my other emotions in towers.
He makes me enraged and my face goes red,
I go over to my friends and they all seem to have fled.
Making me tense, timorous and twitchy,
She makes my voice go all glitchy.
The butterflies in my stomach try to poison me
like they're lead,
Giving me insomnia, not letting me go to bed.
He stalks me when I'm down,
Trapping me in a sea of sadness, wanting me to drown,
Always making me frown and sulk,
Tears flow down my cheek in bulk


by Anjali Pydikondala (11)
Godmanchester Primary Academy, Huntingdon

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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