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The Break Of The Siege

I sat inside the wooden horse. Aesop looked through the peephole.
'Coast's clear,' he said. I opened the trapdoor and got out.
1135 BC. The siege of Troy.
Commander Athos barked, 'Nicos, here's the Greek fire.' He handed me satchels with green liquid in bottles. 'Do it!' he commanded.
'Yes, sir,' I obeyed.
I ran through the street, throwing dangerous concoctions at the city's hall. It instantly caught alight. Explosions broke out. Sweat pouring down my face in buckets, I sprinted from the blazing inferno and took my place with a couple of soldiers. Limping, I said slowly, 'Start the attack.'


by Keiaron Joseph (Runner-Up) (9)
Oakthorpe Primary School, London

Competition - Ancient Adventures

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