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The Alternative, Ugly Truth Of Henry VIII's Death

'Oh Katherine Parr, I'm getting old. I'm as fat as a city pigeon,' Henry VIII told his sixth wife.
'Why, come for a stroll with me,' she suggested, 'to stretch your feeble muscles.'
They turned down twisting corridors. Suddenly, Henry noticed something terrifying... a bloodied head staring at him, Katherine was grinning a sly smile. 'Anne!' Henry gasped, as four more wives joined the dismembered head.
The two women and four spectres chased him menacingly into the courtyard. Henry stumbled backwards... Six mocking faces looked down at him, as he plunged into the depths of a well. Gone forever! Revenge!

by Isabel Rutter (Runner-Up) (10)
St Monica's RC Primary School, Warrington

Competition - Ancient Adventures

Copyright remains with the author.