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Mighty Spartacus!

Spartacus looked over the red sand and saw the fat Roman general Grugous' army. Spartacus shouted, 'Assemble the free slave army!'
The free slave army stood in a long row with their spears up. Grugous' men rode on horses, swords pointed. Grugous said with a chicken leg in his mouth, 'Charge!'
Grugous' army was more fat than trained and they got chopped. Grugous fell off his horse and was facing Spartacus. Spartacus was swift and tore off Grugous' skirt!
'Run!' screamed a bare-bummed Grugous as the free slave army chased the remaining Romans.
Another win for the mighty Spartacus!

by Kieran Ford (Runner-Up) (10)
All Saints' Primary School, Airdrie

Competition - Ancient Adventures

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