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The Fall Of Camulodunum

'Fellow Iceni,' Boudicca roared. 'We will show no mercy. Rome has betrayed Prasutagus, my daughters and this fine land.' A flurry of battle cries broke free. Boudicca charged towards the city, hair flaring, the vast rebel army close behind. The ferocious assault began with a tornado of daggers and arrows. Wounded by spear and sword, the Romans screamed in terror. The entire city went up in flames, yellow and crimson piercing the sky. The ground was blanketed in ash, not a single life spared. Boudicca strode with pride amongst the burning remains and destruction. Camulodunum had fallen...

by Lily Everitt (Winner) (10)
The Thomas Coram CE School, Berkhamsted

Competition - Ancient Adventures

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