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Eleanor's Pirate Adventure

Once upon a time there was an old, posh pirate who loved treasure. His name was Blackbeard. Blackbeard had two worst enemies who he hated, one was Jocie, the other was Jack. They were two ordinary pirate kids who loved adventures.

One day Blackbeard found out about some treasure but the kids had too.

The kids had been on loads of adventures before, including battling, fire-breathing and ghost ships. They found a treasure map and Blackbeard came in an old ship called Pearl.

The pirate captain came across Jack and they had a chat about the treasure. Then Jack stabbed him in the stomach and ran off quickly with Jocie to find the treasure.

It was like a race. It was awesome to see until, 'Oh buckle my Blackbeard boots, here is the booty!' he squealed excitedly. He opened the black and brown chest with golden carved swords but it was just dog bones. Jack and Jocie took them for their dog.

by Eleanor Weston (7)
Crofton Anne Dale Infant School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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