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Adam's Under The Sea Story

Once upon a time, a fisherman went hunting for some fish. He did not find a single fish and so he was very upset. He went home angry.

Suddenly, a loud splash was heard. The sound came from a huge whale. The whale hit the boat and the boat sank to the bottom of the sea. Then the animals went through the round hole, the hole was small, because a small animal crashed into the boat.

A diver went to check what had happened. A little animal hit the boat, it was an octopus. He was so small that only two two other animals could get into the hole.

The diver caught a pufferfish, the octopus wanted to eat the pufferfish. But the pufferfish was so fat, he couldn't fit in the octopus' mouth!

by Adam Ali (7)
Al-Ikhlaas Primary School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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