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Natasha's Ocean Adventure

It was a lovely sunny day and Mummy and Daddy said, 'Let's go to the beach.' They were delighted and jumped for joy. Ben and Ellie ran off to find their costumes and their buckets and spades whilst Mummy packed up a picnic with all their favourite things. Daddy went to find the suncream, hats and a big sunshade so they didn't get burnt by the hot sun. They jumped into the car then Mummy said, 'Have we got all the bags, Daddy?' Daddy got back out of the car to check and found a bag with the camera in it, (thank goodness).

At last they had arrived at the beach, Ben and Ellie got out of the car and went to paddle in the dark blue sea. Mummy and Daddy unpacked all the things from the car and called Ben and Ellie to come back and to put suncream on. Whilst Mummy applied the suncream, they saw a turtle and a parrot on the beach, and when they looked out across the ocean they saw mountains

***pagebreak***in the distance. Then Ben and Ellie saw a splash far out at sea. They wondered what it could be. Ellie shouted, 'It's a whale.'

And then Ben said, 'No it isn't Ellie, it's a dolphin. I can see two of his friends playing in the sea.'

Mummy got a camera to take some photographs, but the batteries had run out. Luckily, Daddy had brought some spare batteries. All day all they could talk about were the dolphins in the sea.

On the way home, Ben and Ellie decided they would write a story about the dolphins and they started to plan their story. They had to think of how the story would start: a beginning, a middle and an ending to their story. They decided the story would start: 'Ben and Ellie saw a splash far out at sea, they wondered what it could be... ' They would decide on the rest of the story later.


by Natasha Toohey (7)
Edenbridge Primary School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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