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An Adventurous Fishing Trip

Once upon a time there was a fisherman. He had a boy named Jack and a girl named Emily. They wanted to go for a fishing trip with their tall dad. One day, they insisted the fisherman take them with him. The fisherman agreed and they all went fishing on a boat.

Both the kids were really excited as they were going fishing on a boat for the first time.

Jack was trying to catch a fish. All of a sudden, Jack fell in the water. The fisherman and Emily both got scared. They started to wonder how to get him out of the water.

The fisherman threw a rope in the water and told Jack to hold it tight. He pulled him out of the water and wrapped him in a warm, cosy towel because he was shivering cold. Jack was feeling relaxed now and was again ready to look for a fish. They still didn't find a fish.

It was nearly evening. Then they heard an amazing splash. It was a big, golden fish. The fisherman told the children to sit and he got a big fishing rope out. He caught the golden fish. They were all very excited.

Jack and Emily went back home happily with their dad with the golden fish and ate the fish for dinner. It was an amazing fishing trip.

by Deepika Rana (6)
St Martin De Porres

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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