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Alexander's Ocean Adventure

One day, under the sea, Steve Starfish was having another miserable day. Steve was always teased by all the other fish for looking so weird. 'Oddball!' They would call him all sorts and pick on him for looking different.

Steve was walking along to his favourite quiet place when as usual the other fish started laughing at him for how he looked unlike the other fish. Steve crawled and didn't swim.

A couple of rude fish followed Steve to see what he was doing. To their amazement Steve sped about on a shell board! He moved so fast, the other fish were so impressed!

***pagebreak***When Steve got back all the fish cheered. Steve was celebrated for being different. The fish could see how skilled he was. Steve was an awesome dude!


by Alexander Day (6)
Perranporth Community Primary School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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