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Samuel's Pirate Adventure


One day, Captain Hewitt was talking to his parrot, Oscar, when they felt a splash. The captain sent his parrot Oscar out to find out what had made the splash. The parrot brought the captain a bottle with a map inside. The captain showed Oscar the map. 'Here we are,' he said.

'We need to walk across the Island of Fun to find the treasure,' said the captain.

'Then I'll get my crackers,' squawked Oscar.

'Yes,' replied the captain.

On the Island of Fun, Sarah and Samuel found a similar bottle that had washed up on the beach after a splash. 'Maybe there will be a necklace,' said Sarah.

'Or a pirate hat so we can play pirates and I can be the captain,' answered Samuel.

All of a sudden, Samuel and Sarah came out of their dream land with a bang and a spray of water as a pirate ship landed on the beach next to them.

'Hello, I am Captain Hewitt. Would you like to join my crew?' asked Captain Hewitt.

Both Sarah and Samuel nodded in agreement and shook at the sight of a real pirate.

'Here my lad, here's a real sword for you, all pirates need one. I was your age when I got my first,' said Captain Hewitt as he passed Samuel a sword.

'Thank you,' said Samuel.

The small crew counted ten steps to the north. Then Captain Hewitt took out his compass, gave it a tap and headed north-west.

After a short walk, they came to a large X and began to dig and found a chest. The chest was hard to open so they used their swords to push the lid open.

'Here Sarah, a necklace,' said Samuel passing her it.

'Here Captain, a new compass,' said Sarah.

***pagebreak***The captain took a new hat and a box of crackers for Samuel and Oscar. The captain and Oscar said goodbye and left Sarah and Samuel on the beach until it was their home time.





by Samuel Hill (7)
Barton Hill Academy

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

Copyright remains with the author.