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Theo-James' Pirate Adventure

On a warm, cloudy day my uncle, Captain Longbeard, who's a well-known pirate that sails the seven seas, was taking me and my sister, Sally, on an adventure to find some treasure. His ship was a small, smelly, rotting wooden ship that had four cannons on the sides and his trusty parrot Captain P. The sea was calm as we set off on our adventure.

We sneaked into a rowing boat and rowed over to a nice, golden, sandy island. With our Uncle Longbeard's map we tried to find the treasure before Uncle Longbeard arrived on the island. We looked at the map and followed it. While we were looking for the treasure we heard Uncle Longbeard shouting for us, he looked glad he found us, but also angry that we went off on our own to this unknown island as he didn't know where we were.

Uncle Longbeard had found the treasure while looking for us. We opened up the chest which was full of shiny golden coins, sparkly jewellery and another treasure map that would be saved for another day.


by Theo - James Young (5)
Thorngumbald Primary School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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