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Aahana's Mermaid Tale

Once upon a time, in the deep blue ocean, there was a mermaid called Tess. She loved playing with her friend Aahana, but when she saw a boat that she had never seen before, she got scared and swam under the deep sea.

She saw two legs coming from the boat. She thought it was a friendly man so she swam up to the surface to get a closer look. The diver looked from his goggles and said, 'Wow! A real mermaid!'

She said, 'I like visitors at my home.'

Suddenly, they saw a big shadow. They looked closer and it was a shark! The shark was trying to get the mermaid, but the diver swam out of the shipwreck and said, 'Shark, look at me! The mermaid isn't here, but I am!'

The shark showed a scary grin. The mermaid was hiding in the shipwreck. They reached a cave, the mermaid shouted a roar. The shark was scared and swam off.

The diver said, 'Thank you for saving me.' He swam away saying, 'I will see you again, Tess.'

by Ahana Paliwal (5)
The Kings Junior School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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