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Aishah Noor's Under The Sea Story

The sun was shining brightly on the ocean. Ella pulled Ben towards the water, screaming, 'Please Ben, come on.'

'You know I'm scared of fish, Ella. They might try to eat me!'

Ella was about to reply when they heard a splash. They turned around to see a dolphin looking at them. Ella ran to say hello while Ben stood back. But, as Ella came towards her, she swam further away. 'Hey wait! What's your name?' Ella shouted. She sat down and waited for the dolphin to get closer.

After a while the dolphin swam up and pleaded, 'I'm Joy, please don't eat me.'

Ben, whose curiosity overtook his fear, had tiptoed near the water. He asked, 'Why would we eat you? We only want to be your friends.'

'My mum says humans like us but I think they're scary,' explained Joy.

Ella and Ben smiled at each other. 'We love dolphins and so does everyone we know. Here let me show you some pictures,' Ben said kindly. He took out his tablet and showed Joy pictures of people petting, playing and even saving dolphins from fishermen's nets.

Joy was relieved, 'My mum was right! Humans aren't scary at all.'

Ben sighed, 'I wish I could say the same thing about fish.'

'But Ben, we are like you. We don't hurt humans. Fish are busy trying to find food or playing with each other. If you come with me I'll show you.'

Ben stayed quiet.

Ella said softly, 'I'll go with you Ben. Joy and I will protect you.'

When he said yes, they put on their diving helmets. Taking a deep breath, they dived into the warm water. Joy took them to the coral reef, where they saw thousands of colourful fish and sea creatures. They swam close up to the fish and nobody tried to hurt him. Every fish was happy and busy with their own jobs.

Just when Ben decided he was not afraid of fish, he saw a great blue shark swimming their way! He closed his eyes tightly and was certain he would be eaten. When nothing happened he took a peek and saw the shark swimming away. 'I was sure that shark would eat us! What happened?' Ben questioned.

'Sharks attack humans only if they are provoked,' explained Joy.

After some more exploring, they went back to the shore. They thanked each other for teaching each other new experiences and went on their way home.

Ella asked a skipping Ben, 'Do you want to do something else tomorrow if you are still scared of the fish in the ocean?'

Ben smiled proudly and said, 'I'm going to go swimming every day so that I can make new fish friends!'


by Aishah Noor Naeem
Paradise Primary School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

Copyright remains with the author.