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Isla's Mermaid Tale

A mermaid was sitting on some rocks whilst watching a massive ship. One of the people waved to the mermaid. She waved back. The mermaid started to dance. It felt like they were falling in love.

The little mermaid was looking up at the diver's feet. He was getting out of his royal boat and he was doing it very quickly.

It was her birthday and she was 18 that day, but her father had told her never to see a human.

As fast as a lightsaber, a shark grabbed the swimmer. It caught the swimmer's flipper and the swimmer screamed.

The mermaid saved him. She was very excited, the diver was looking at her and that meant she loved him. They decided to get married. Well, by that time the shark had found something else to eat.

by Isla Rowlingson Plant (6)
Bruton Primary School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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