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Evie's Ocean Adventure

One sunny morning, Ben and Ellie were at the beach, but then they heard a splash.

'What was that?' said Ellie.

'I don't know,' said Ben.

'And what is that pointy thing sticking out of the water?'

'Maybe it's a unicorn?'

'Don't be so silly,' said Ellie. 'It's probably a narwhal.'

'How did you know that?' said Ben.

'I saw it in a book.'

'Well what do you think the narwhal is doing so close to the beach?'

'I don't know,' said Ellie, but when Ben and Ellie were not looking, the narwhal was getting closer to the sand, it was going to hit the beach. Ben and Ellie shouted, 'Help!'

'Don't be scared,' said the narwhal. 'I'm just looking for Treasure Island.'

Ellie said, 'Treasure Island is just across the water. We can show you.'

The narwhal said, 'Jump on my back and I'll take you there.'

When they arrived at the island, Ben and Ellie jumped off the narwhal onto the beach.

'How will we find the gems? said Ben.

'l'll use my magic horn to find the gems.' Suddenly, the narwhal's horn started to glow and then lots of gems rose out of the sand.

'Wow!' said Ben and Ellie.

The narwhal said, 'Thank you for helping me. You can have five gems each.'

'Thanks,' said Ben and Ellie. 'We can buy lots of toys and sweets with five gems each. Bye Mr Narwhal.'

by Evie Smith (6)
Victoria Primary School

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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