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Love And War

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the letter,
Which tells us if life out there is better,
God curse that damn slip that he had to sign,
'Cause now he's out there, his life's on the line.

Dreading, dreading, dreading that damn letter,
Which tells us things ain't getting better,
That he's cold and lost, with nowhere to turn
That soon he'll be back, his ashes in an urn.

Wishing, wishing, wishing for the letter,
Your Will he's okay, he's getting better,
No need for secrets, grief, chains and padlocks,
'Cause he isn't coming back in a box.

Jumping, jumping, jumping around with that letter,
It seems now that things are getting better!
My William, my love, coming back to me,
And he'll meet the baby he has yet to see.

Getting, getting, getting the last letter,
Just when I thought things were getting better,
I'm distraught that he'll never see Dan,
'Cause with its bloody claws, war's taken my man.

by Charlotte Cropper (0)
The Manor Academy, Mansfield

Competition - War Of Words

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