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Megan's Mermaid Tale

There was once a cheerful mermaid who lived happily in the sea. She loved diving and when she popped out of the sea she would wave to the diver, who was her friend.
One day, when she was under the sea, deep at the bottom of the ocean she saw the diver's boat. She was so excited to see him and was about to swim up to meet him.
All of a sudden, a fierce, evil and vicious shark appeared. Speedily, the mermaid swam into a deep, dark cave. Then she saw the diver and watched very closely as the shark nearly caught him. She had to think fast and there was only one thing to do. She swam rapidly, grabbed the diver and took him into the cave.
The diver was amazed. He never thought he would see a mermaid that close. They waited until the shark went and then he thanked her and sped off back to his boat. They never forgot that moment.


by Megan Mills (6)
Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, Stockport

Competition - My First Story Ocean Adventures

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