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Colourful Seasons

In spring, flowers bloom and cute bunnies jump
Rain falls and the wind bumps.
The scent of flowers hits my nose
From the bright red rose.
In summer, the yellow sun shines
Muddy puddles are no more
Lightning and thunder no longer roar.
The cold ice cream tastes nice
Water has cold, cold ice.
In autumn, leaves change colour and fall,
The trees look skinny and tall.
The wind blows on my face,
Raindrops fall on my colourful shoelace.
In winter, the clouds look dull and ugly,
Snow falls calmly.
Hot chocolate melts in my mouth and makes me warm
Birds don't tweet much but baby chicks are born.
Flowers die and everything looks dull
Seagulls fly around looking for fish skulls.

by Sara Khan

Competition - Sense Poetry

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