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Conflict Continues - Write All About It!

War of Words Conflict Poetry Competition Now Open!

Young Writers have recently launched War of Words, their brand new conflict-themed poetry competition. From learning about the difference between war and conflict, the different types of conflict to poetic techniques and examples to analyse, War of Words is a complete writing project that gives pupils the freedom to explore a sensitive subject and write about their interpretation of conflict in their own words.

By providing a positive outlet for pupils' creativity with an inspiring theme, we hope to inspire original, unique poetry that is insightful and captures a snapshot of today's youth and their thoughts on conflict.

War of Words is free to enter and both schools and pupils could win themselves prizes as well as see their poem in print!

To support teachers Young Writers provides free teacher resources in line with the National Curriculum, from lesson plans to interactive PowerPoint presentations. All our competition information and resources can be viewed and downloaded for free at

Let's prove the pen is mightier than the sword ... War of Words - write all about it!