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Monster Poetry & Poetry Adventures

Young Writers New Primary School Poetry School Competitions Now Open!

Young Writers have launched their latest poetry writing competitions for primary and secondary schools across the UK. Our competitions promote and encourage the reading and writing of poetry.

Primary schools can choose between Monster Poetry and Poetry Adventures ...

Monster Poetry is a poetry writing activity that encourages primary school-aged pupils to create their monster, then plan, draft and write a poem about their monster creation. From well-known monster mash-ups to unique creations causing chaos at school, living under the bed or playing pranks on younger siblings, Monster Poetry is engaging, inspiring and simply heaps of fun!

Poetry Adventures asks pupils to plan, draft and write a narrative poem based on a real or imaginary experience. It’s a great way to motivate pupils and fire-up their imaginations ... from fairy picnics, snowboarding down a rainbow and living in a jungle to a family holiday or school trip, writing a poem and enjoying doing it has never been so easy!

Monster Poetry and Poetry Adventures are free to enter and both schools and pupils could win themselves prizes as well as see their poem in print!

To support teachers Young Writers provides free teacher resources in line with the National Curriculum, from lesson plans and planning sheets to interactive PowerPoint presentations. All our competition information and resources can be viewed and downloaded for free at