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Once Upon A Time... Let The Magic of Storytelling In

Once Upon a Time is the brand new, fun creative writing competition for young writers aged 7-11 years.

Young Writers are inviting schools in the UK to submit their pupils' mini sagas to their latest competition. A mini saga is a complete story written in just 100 words! Using Young Writers' winter-themed pack teachers can inspire and enthuse pupils to write a mini saga on a theme of their choice, ensuring originality and brrr-illiant fun!

Each mini saga submitted will be read by Young Writers' editorial team and considered for a regional anthology. The best mini saga published in each book will also feature on the front cover and that pupil will become a finalist. Once all books in the series have been published, the finalist with the best mini saga will win a Kindle Fire HD! The best school in the series will win £1,000!

To make Once Upon a Time teacher-friendly, Young Writers provides a worksheet that pupils can plan, draft and write their mini saga on, helping teachers save time as well as ensuring pupils really enjoy writing their mini saga. To request worksheets and find out more about Once Upon a Time, please visit Young Writers' website. Entries can be submitted online or by post and need to reach us by Friday 27th March 2015.