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Little Riddlers Resource

Little Riddlers

5-7 Year-Olds

Teach your pupils the secret of writing fantastic riddle poems with Little Riddlers, which is challenging, rewarding, fun and helps them enjoy poetry. Get ready to set imaginations on fire and light up your classroom!

Ancient Adventures

7-11 Year-Olds

Ancient Adventures is an exciting, fun way to engage your pupils with creative writing by challenging them to write a mini saga, which is a story told in up to 100 words. Ancient Adventures lends itself wonderfully to both British and World History topics and gives your pupils the freedom to explore people, places, and events throughout history.

Ancient Adventures Resource

Twisted Tales: A New Point of View Resource

Twisted Tales: A New Point of View

11-18 Year-Olds

Twisted Tales challenges students to write a mini saga, (a story told in just 100 words), from an unusual point of view, or write a new version of a well-known story. It’s a great way to inspire your students and get them thinking about narrative voices and story themes. How much of our understanding of a story changes if we change the point of view or even switch the theme?

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