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This Is Me Acrostics Resource

This Is Me Acrostics

5-7 Year-Olds (KS1)

 This Is Me Acrostics lets your pupils explore who they are and who they want to be, empowering them and celebrating their individuality. (Resources will be available by post and to download from 4th Jan 2022.)

This Is Me

7-11 Year-Olds (KS2)

With This Is Me, give every pupil the chance to shine! Your pupils can explore who they are and it’s a great way to discuss emotions in a safe space. From writing about someone who inspires them to their dreams for the future or even an acrostic using their name or a word that describes them, there is so much to get your pupils enjoying poetry writing. (Resources will be available by post and to download from 4th Jan 2022.)

This Is Me Resource

Empowered Resource


11-18 Year-Olds (KS3)

Young Writers invites your students to write a poem for Empowered, and take back some control over their lives. Empowered helps your students find and use their voices to express themselves through poetry. (Resources will be available by post and to download from 4th Jan 2022.)

My First Poem 2022

Nurseries & Pre-Schools (EYFS Nursery)

My First Poem is a great way to introduce preschool children to rhyme and to help them create their very own poem, by talking about and celebrating their uniqueness, which they can dedicate to their favourite person using our specially designed template. It captures a lovely snapshot of them at this age as well as gives them pride and satisfaction in their achievement. They’ll also accomplish the ELG of being imaginative & expressive as well as demonstrating the Guiding Principles of unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments plus learning & development.

My First Poem 2022 Resource

My First Riddle 2022 Resource

My First Riddle 2022

Reception Pupils (EYFS School)

My First Riddle has been designed to encourage your reception pupils to use their senses and imagination in an engaging way to create their very own poem. It complements the EYFS Early Learning Goals of fine motor skills, comprehension, writing and being imaginative & expressive as well as supporting ECAT requirements. The fun activity will get the whole class involved, learning about their senses and riddle poems before they go on to write their own. You can tailor the resources to fit in with your current class topic or choose a theme such as seasons or animals to inspire your little learners.

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