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Poetry Types

Poetry Types  Irregular Ode

Irregular Ode

What is an Irregular Ode Poem?

An Irregular Ode is a poem with meter and rhyme, just like all other odes, but has no set pattern. Each line rhymes somewhere throughout.

Example of an Irregular Ode Poem:

(a) Oh! Glorious Spring, how amazing you are
(b) You are both Truth's beauty and light
(a) You travel far
(b) Yet always remain bright
(c) Baby lambs greet you with a bleat
(d) Birds fly stretching their wings
(c) Lovers on a seat
(d) We are truly thankful for what you bring
(e) Spring never leave
(f) Oh but can I compare
(g) How I feel when you're near?
(g) Spreading your joy to those so dear
(h) Spring we celebrate your birth
(h) And we mourn each year you leave this Earth
Oh Spring!

 Why don't you try writing an Irregular Ode poem and enter it into one of our Poetry Competitions.

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