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Poetry Types

Poetry Types  Blank Verse

Blank Verse

What is a Blank Verse Poem?

A blank verse is a poem with no rhyme, but does have iambic pentameter. This means it consists of lines of five feet, each foot being iambic, meaning two syllables long, one unstressed followed by a stressed syllable.

The Structure of a Blank Verse Poem

Five feet of iambic syllables -

Sounding du DUM du DUM du DUM du DUM du DUM

Each foot making the verse sound like it has heart beat rhythm.

Each line has a set number of syllables - see below.

An Example of a Blank Verse Poem:

Furball FriendSweet pet by day, hunter by night. She sleeps,she eats, she plays. My feet, caught in white paws.She's up the fence, watching her prey - a bird.Poor thing, better run quick, 'cause watch, she'll pounce!She'll sweetly beg for fuss, but don't be fooled.'Cause one minute she'll purr and smile, then snap!She'll spit and hiss - and oh - surprise! A mouse.He's dead. A gift. Retracts her claws. Miaow!Figure of eight between my legs, looks upat me and purrs. The sound pulls my heartstrings.Her big blue eyes like dinner plates - so cute.Cunning she is, she knows I can't resist.Curling up tight, we sleep entwined as one.Despite her quirks, I would not change a clawof her. Cheeky Sammy: my snow-white queen.

Why don't you try writing a blank verse poem and enter it in one of our Poetry Competitions?

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