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Poetry Terms

Poetry Terms  Powerful Verb

Powerful Verb

What is a Powerful Verb?

A powerful verb is when you use a synonym to make your writing more descriptive and exciting.

How to use Powerful Verbs:

  • When using the word 'walk' in a sentence, try using trod, paced, sashayed, skulked or stamped.
  • One way to make verbs more interesting is to use nouns. Some nouns are very descriptive, like stink! This tells the reader something is really smelly.

Examples of using powerful verbs in a sentence:

  • His aftershave was too strong, it stunk.
  • She wormed her way out of the crowd.

Powerful verbs are used in poetry to be more descriptive; using them can make a sentence more interesting.

You can use powerful verbs in your writing to make it more exciting. If you love writing as much as we do check out our open writing competitions.

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