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Guest Author - Robert Muchamore

Your new book ‘Boot Camp’ hits the shelves at the start of October, where did you first get the idea for writing the Rock War series?

The idea for Rock War came from my fans. First, I used to see kids at book signings wearing rock band T-shirts and heaps of them seemed to be into music. Second, I used to have a fan forum and a lot of the time there were more fans talking about what had happened on X Factor than were talking about my books. So I figured reality TV would be a fun thing to write about, and would hopefully it would be popular with my fans.

Have you started on a third book yet? If so could you give us a sneak peek about what it will include?

Yes, I'm currently six chapters into a 40 chapter storyline. Rock War - Battlezone will take us through the climax of the Rock War competition, and you'll get to see which band wins. The fourth and final book will be about the aftermath of the competition and how success and failure affects the kids lives.


When you were 14 you decided you wanted to either be a writer or a photographer, do you still have a passion for photography?

I still love photography, but it's difficult to find free time. I did a trip to the USA earlier in the year and actually spent a lot of time just wandering around taking photographs. It was the first time I've done that in over 15 years, and I found it really relaxing. Of course, as soon as I got home I was really busy again, and I've not even had a proper chance to look at my photos since!

Have you ever wanted to be in a band? If so what instrument would you of played? 

I was SO bad at music. I tried to learn the recorder when I was in Y4 at school, but I always used to spit rather than blow and I'd end each lesson with this gross recorder with drool coming out of the bottom!

In the end, the music teacher found some excuse and kicked me out. I also tried drums for a short time in Y7, but I'm not very coordinated and I gave up.

What is your all-time favourite music band?

Questions like this are really hard. If I'm in the mood I might want to listen to Led Zeppelin at max volume, but other times you just want something mellower! Overall, I'd say The Pogues are my favourite band, because I loved them as a teenager and have great memories of going to their concerts when I was sixteen or seventeen, drinking lots of Guinness, having a laugh with my mates and then having to come home and pretend that I wasn't drunk!

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