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Guest Author - Jill Murphy

Why does almost everything always go wrong for Mildred?

There are just some people who are like that. When I was at school things often went wrong for me in the most disastrous way. So the heroine of my very first book, was based on me.

Is this really the last book in the series? Why?

It’s the last one in the series because Mildred becomes head girl at the end of it and it felt kind to leave her there with no more disasters and a happy future ahead.

What is your favourite moment from all of The Worst Witch books?

When Mildred turns Ethel into pig!

Why did you pick "The Worst Witch" as the theme for your books?

It was based on the strict academic school that I went to many years ago. At that time there were no books about schools for witches or wizards and I had the light bulb idea of turning our chemistry lab into a potions lab, everyone arriving on broomsticks instead of bicycles and being able to turn people into, for example, a pig, if you had an argument with them.

The school uniform was based on our horrible drab school uniform, even the striped hat bands and badges were the same, but the hat of course was round at the top and not pointed!

All the characters in the book were based on the people at my school.

If you could do one spell what would it be and why?

Being able to fly like a bird, not with a broom or anything like that, I’d just to flap my arms and zoom out of the door to the nearest town to do my shopping. That would be such a delight.


You can also view a video of the interview here: