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Guest Author - James Patterson

Your Middle School book series has been a great success. What was your inspiration to start writing the first book in the series Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life?

When my son, Jack, was eight, he wasn’t excited about reading. Neither were many of his friends at school.So that summer, my wife and I told him that he would have to read every day. We went out with him, helped him to find books we thought he would like and by the end of the summer, Jack said, okay, I can get into this. And the next summer, he had warmed more to the idea of getting books together, and the following summer, he was really excited to do it.

You and your books have over 4 million Facebook followers, as well as your young adult titles spending over 200 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list! Is there any another achievement that means alot to you?

The books that I am the most passionate about writing are the books that get kids reading and I’m especially proud of the work that Middle School and I Funny have done to fulfil this mission.

If you were trapped on a desert island and you could only take three books, what would they be and why?

I’d take One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez because that’s my favourite book.Peter Pan because I loved Peter Pan and still love Peter Pan. I’m pretty sure that I wrote the “Maximum Ride” books for kids because of my affection as a child for it. Lastly I’d take Treasure Island because I was always on the hunt for buried treasure as a kid.  I have never quite got over that urge to find it, which is what gave me the idea for Treasure Hunters.

Do you have an all time favourite author? If so who and why?

James Joyce, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Evan S. Connell and John Fowles are all up there.

Your new series for kids House of Robotscame out in December. Could you tell us a little bit about it and where we can find out more?

House of Robotscentres on a boy whose college professor mother invents robots, one of which she insists her son Sammy take to school. She thinks it will give him a friend, but he thinks it’s making a laughingstock out of him. There’s a reasonable amount of science in there, which is cool. There’s also a You Tube series.You can watch the first episode here.


Lastly if you could give a young budding author one top writing tip what would that be?

I still think it is story, story, story. You really should be able to tell somebody, in a paragraph, what your idea is and they should say “Ooh, ooh, that sounds really good.


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