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Guest Author - Holly and Kelly Willoughby

We are the Willoughby sister and we have a story to share with you about one of the most important things in the world - friendship.

When did you know you first wanted to write a children’s book together?

Holly: We’ve always wanted to write a story together ever since we were kids.  When we werelittle we were always making up plays and every Saturday or Sunday, and if we had family or friends over, we would all get together and make something up to perform to them.

Kelly: I can remember having chats together about maybeone day writing these plays down on paper and then I actually started writing a book after I left university - I just woke up one night as I couldn’t sleep and started writing a storyand it was one of the ideas Holly and I used to talk about.  I remember phoning Holly and she was so excited and we promised eachother one day would we see if we could actually get something published.

How did you find writing together?

Holly: It was great fun, but sometimes we had quite contrasting ideas and we’d have to fight about which way a story would turn. 

Who would win?

Kelly: It was never one of us who always got our way - we would end up compromising - it wouldn’t be a straight win – we are sisters!

Where did you write:

Holly: Usually over dinner with a glass of wine to get away from the kids!  Or in the back of a car.

Kelly: Often while Holly is cooking dinner in the kitchen and we just sat and talked about all the ideas and quickly got them all down. Or my favourite time for writing is when I’ve just got up in the morning, sitting in bed, in my pyjamas on my laptop with a cup of tea.

Why do you think reading is so important?

Kelly: I read loads when I was growing up - all the Enid Blytons–Secret Seven, Famous Five,Mallory towersand Nancy Drew books, but I think it’s different now – kids watch a lot of TV or they’re on iPads, computers, the internet. But it is so important to read as your imagination is used best when you’re sat there with a book inventing the pictures in your mind, rather than looking at them.

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