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Guest Author - Cornelia Funke

Where did you get the inspiration for "The Glass of Lead and Gold"?
This story was inspired by many things, which is probably true of any story:
- A dinner conversation with my publisher Adam Freudenheim 
- The one-handed best friend of a friend of mine and his remark that one-handed girls are not easy to find
- My love for London, as my daughter lived there for seven years
- My RECKLESS books and the world they are set in
- My magical Mexican gardener Alfonso Fuentes
Why did you choose a magic glass to decide Tabetha's fate?
The story told me about the glass when I was having a walk on Escondido beach. There was a dolphin following me for a while so the suggestion could of course also come from there.
I am sure the research I did on mudlarks and their finds in the river Thames also played its part!
Tabetha's had a hard and sad life though she's only a teenager, what influenced this choice?
I think many teenagers in this world live tough lives. We all meet very rough stretches while travelling this world and it comforts us to also live through them in stories and to find hope, friendship and courage between the words.
Why did you decide not to have chapters in your story?
This story felt like one story from the beginning, too short for chapters. Maybe it was also inspired by the river and its constant flow.
Can you sum up The Glass of Lead and Gold is just 3 words?
Mirrorworld adventure
Just a shard
Three hands...
You've written lots of stories, how do keep thinking up new ideas?
This world is filled to the brim with stories. I’ll never be able to write them all in a lifetime, not even 000000000,1%!
Where can fans of the book find out more about you and your work?
And I answer myself on Twitter
Apart from that, my books :)
The Glass of Lead and Gold
By Cornelia Funke
Published by Pushkin Children's Books
Published on 27th September 2018
RRP £9.99 (hardback)

In a land of elves, mermaids and trolls, true magic is where you least expect it...

In the snow-covered city of Londra, young Tabetha survives by finding treasures in the mudbanks of the river Themse. On Christmas Eve, a sinister stranger asks her to keep her eyes open for a priceless, long-lost magical object: the Glass of Lead and Gold.

As word of the Glass spreads across the city, Tabetha finds herself with some unlikely companions, not least a one-armed girl and a rather impressive soup chef. But will Tabetha discover that there are even greater fortunes to be found than the magical Glass?