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Guest Author - Charles Jubb and Tom Clohosy Cole

What made you come up with The Red Prince?

Charles - We wanted to make a book of beautiful illustrations, and we both love images of old European cities and snowy landscapes. So, alot of the ideas and images are inspired by our favourite old, European books and paintings.

Is any part of The Red Prince true or is it all made up?

Charles - None of it is true (or at least I hope not!)

How long did it take you to create?

Tom - All in all from the early discussions of the idea to the final text and illustrations being signed off the project a year and a half. 

Why did you call it The Red Prince?

Charles - I like it when a book's title leaves some mystery, and colour red is so important in the book that we had to have it in there!

Is it dedicated to anyone?

Both - It is dedicated to family and friends.

Were you born an artist or did you pick it up from people around you?

Tom - I think everyone is born an artist!

You seem to like quite dark and sinister colours, why is that do you think?

Tom - I like a whole range of colours. When it comes to my work I try to build atmosphere and suspense in the imagery I am making, the darker colours I tend to use just seem to help get those feelings across. 

Are there any difficulties you faced around writing this book?

Charles - The biggest challenge we faced was condensing all our ideas into the 32 page format.