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Guest Author - C J Flood

C. J. Flood gained a Creative Writing MA from UEA, and has been mentored by Melvin Burgess. She is a member of the Lucky 13 writers group ( and has already won several prizes and awards for her writing. She is currently working on her second novel, to be published in 2015. She lives in Derbyshire.


What was your inspiration to start writing Infinite Sky?

Infinite Sky began as a memoir, about the effects of divorce on children, but it evolved quickly into a novel as I began to exaggerate and dramatise more and more wildly. I was inspired by my dad's house, which was and still is a scruffy, beautiful haven, away from the pressures of society and manners and digital technology.


Did you ever feel that you could be the winner?

I thought I had about a one in seven chance.


How did it feel when your novel was chosen as the winner?

It felt wonderful! I want so much for this book to be read, and for people to meet and get to know my characters, and awards like the Branford Boase draw people to your book.


Have you started on another novel yet? If so could you give us a sneak preview of what it is about? 

I have been working on a second novel for a while now, and I'm just beginning to beat it into submission. It's called The Wild Ones and is an adventure story with girls at its heart. It is about ambition and disappointment and friendship, and I can't wait to show it to the world.


What are your plans and hopes for the next five years in your career?

Ooooh, good question. I try not to plan too far ahead, as it seems a bit cheeky, but I'd definitely like to publish a couple more books...


You can find out more about C J Flood and her work here: and don't forget to read our blog from Monday 14th July 2014 about Chelsey winning the Branford Boase Award 2014!