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SOS Hunted Winners

11-18 Years

Heart racing... sweaty palms... dilated pupils... hairs on the back of your neck stand up...
Hunted: Outrun. Outlast. Outwit.

SOS Sagas: Hunted creative writing competition invited young adults aged 11-18 years to write a mini saga (a story told in 100 words) inspired by the theme of "Hunted". 

Congratulations to our winners who've each won £100 and a trophy! Thank you to everyone who took part, we loved reading all the amazing mini sagas!

School Winners

1st Prize – £500

Awarded to Bishop Luffa CE Secondary School, Sussex
Whose students are published in “Hunted – The Chase”

4 x Runners-Up - £250 National Book Token

The Purcell School, Hertfordshire
Whose students are published in “Hunted – Gripping Tales”

Clifton Preparatory School, Bristol
Whose students are published in “Trapped – UK Stories”

Hampton Gardens School, Cambridgeshire
Whose students are published in “Missing – Future Authors” & “Hunted – Electrifying Stories”

Seva School, West Midlands
Whose students are published in “Hunted – UK Tales”

(Winners were chosen from schools who entered the SOS Sagas series: Hunted, Missing & Trapped.)

Hunted Winners

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