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Through Their Eyes
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Closing Date: Friday 18th October 2019


Create a buzz around poetry writing in your school with our inspirational postcards. Each card is themed, has ideas on and a quote on the reverse. Some will cause debate, some are light-hearted and others are gritty, perhaps even controversial. From world leaders and influencers to being a teen and the animal kingdom, there’s something to engage all students.

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  • Only one entry per student, there is no limit to the number of entries per school

  • Poems can be on the entry form or A4 sheet of paper

  • Poems must be your students' own work

  • Ensure that all student include their name and age on their entries

Closing Date: Friday 18th October 2019


For Schools

1st Prize - The Young Writers' Award of Excellence

2nd Prize - 1 x £500

3rd Prize - 1 x £250

We provide a complimentary copy to every school that takes part too!

For Students

Our 5 favourite poets will each win £100

Student winners will be chosen from entries received in the Autumn Term 2019.

Through Their Eyes
Through Their Eyes

How To Enter

Closing Date: Friday 18th October 2019


To see the competition pack, including Full Competition Information, Poster, Lesson Plan, resources, and more… please fill in the short form below. All download links will appear once the form is sent and the links will also be emailed to you.



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Writing Tips

Tip #1

It’s Roald Dahl Day on 13th September 2019 – let your students be inspired by this fantastic day that celebrates his work!

Ask students to pick a character from any Roald Dahl book and write a poem from their point of view. Maybe the chief witch was just a misunderstood lady, or perhaps Little Red Riding Hood was working out some issues, or what did George really think as he made his marvelous medicine!

Students can even write a poem from Roald Dahl’s point of view... we bet that’s an amazing head to explore!

Tip #2

In your pack, you have an A3 sheet, which has 8 idea postcards on (this can also be downloaded from these are packed full of ideas and quotes to get your students inspired to write from someone or something else’s point of view...

From light-hearted ideas, such as pineapple on a pizza (the pizza’s point of view could be it hates the pineapple and the pineapple’s point of view could be it doesn’t understand why it divides opinion!) to more serious suggestions such as world leaders, bullying or conservation.

The ideas postcards have been designed to make your life easier, make sure that original poetry is written and that your students feel inspired to get writing!

Tip #3

The theme for National Poetry Day this year is “truth” – Through Their Eyes is the perfect way to get students writing from someone or something else’s point of view. Here are some ideas:

  • Write a home truth from someone else’s point of view
  • Pick a person, tell the truth about something that really matters to them
  • Be inspired by a child, write from their point of view – what they think is true is very different to what an adult thinks!
  • True or false? When writing from someone else’s point of view experiment with stream of consciousness and the idea of what is truth and what isn’t!
  • Check out the truth poems at
  • Flip the theme on its head and write about lies!

Tip #4

One of greatest inspirations is our idol, the person we admire, we aspire to be and we want to impress.

From parents, siblings and best mates to celebrities, sports starts and amazing figures from history, ask students to write their poem from their idol’s point of view.

From the struggles they’ve faced to their successes, pick a key moment in their life to inspire their poem. We guarantee the poems will be amazing as students are writing about something they are passionate about, and it will show!

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Closing Date: Friday 18th October 2019

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