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Story Shop


The Story Shop is here to inspire your pupils aged 5-7 to get writing!

Through a child's eyes, everyday items can take them on extraordinary adventures... a snorkel could mean diving for treasure, swimming with mermaids or sharks, or even safely walking the plank on a pirate ship!

Let pupils explore ideas in a fun and exciting way, they can use the themed templates provided to help them write their own story or use the 'create your own' template.

The story shop opens up the doorway to your pupils' imaginations... use the simple activity provided to get your pupils enjoying creative writing.

In The Story Shop pupil's can become any character they want to be, where will your pupils’ imaginations take them...?

Story Shop Story Shop


  • Only one entry per pupil, there is no limit to the number of entries per school

  • Independent entrants are welcome, please provide your full postal address rather than the school's details

  • Stories can be on the entry form or A4 sheet of paper

  • Stories must be your pupils' own work

  • Ensure that all pupils include their name and age on their entries



For Schools

1st Prize - 1 x £500

2nd Prize - 1 x £250

3rd Prize - 1 x £100

For Pupils

Our 5 favourite little writers will each win a fantastic goody bag packed full of prizes to encourage reading and writing!

Winners will be chosen from entries received in the Autumn Term 2018. Our editors love to read every story we receive and will take any learning difficulties they are made aware of into account.

Story Shop Pupil Prizes Story Shop Pupil Prizes

How To Enter



To see the competition pack, including Full Competition Information, Storyboards, Lesson Plan, and more... please fill in the short form below. All download links will appear once the form is sent and the links will also be emailed to you.



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Writing Tips

Tip #1

We do our best to make sure we make things easy for you and engaging for the pupils, so take advantage of what we offer!

Utilise the Free Resources!

  • Call, email or request online additional story templates – they are free and we’ll send as many as you need!
  • Download the optional lesson plan and presentation
  • Pop the closing date in your diary and paperclip the freepost sticker on that page
  • Follow us on Twitter @YoungWritersCW for tips, ideas as well as to see how other schools are getting involved

We provide everything you need to take part… let us know if we don’t, if something’s missing that would make your life even easier, let us know!

Tip #2

Need Inspiration?

Download the free Ideas Sheet that has been created to complement the Story Shop templates. For each themed template there are ideas on how to inspire story writing. Some children will find it easy to be creative, but for those who need a bit of help, this should do the trick!

Tip #3

Here are some handy tips on getting pupils writing descriptively…

Descriptive Writing Ideas

One of the biggest things we’ve noticed in young pupils’ stories is the lack of description. They’ll tell us there is a dragon, or a girl in the wood, but not much else.

Encourage pupils to use their sense to describe the scene in the themed template they are using. By imagining the girl is smiling and singing, the sun could be shining too. Or the dragon could be angry, with smoke coming out of its nostrils, flying over a spooky forest.

Once the senses are in play, it’s time to add in description for any emotions. Why is the dragon angry? Is the girl happy or day dreaming?

The templates help structure the story with a beginning, middle and end, but pupils can get the story from start to finish how they like. Add in characters, drama, danger etc as they want to!

If pupils can write a story without the template to support them, then the Create Your Own template is perfect for them!

Tip #4

Roll up, roll up the Story Shop is open today, with a festive twist!

Open a Christmas Story Shop

With Christmas plays in full swing, keep the acting going and inspire pupils with a bit of role play.

Create a “story shop” in your classroom. All you need is a table, a story shop sign and some Christmas props (or pupils could bring them in) such as paper to write a letter to Santa, decorations, photos of winter, Christmas cards, snow globe etc

Groups of pupils visit the story shop. You need a couple of shopkeepers and 2-4 customers in each group. The shopkeepers try to sell their items to the customer, why should they buy it? What stories could the item tell if it could talk? Let imaginations run wild!

Groups then choose an item to inspire their story – perhaps the snow globe takes them on an adventure or the Christmas card was made by an elf and delivered dramatically, or what if the decorations used to belong to one of the three kings? From far-fetched fiction to based on something pupils have experienced, this is not only great fun it’s really engaging too!


Tip #5

It’s getting close to Christmas, what a great theme to inspire creative writing!

Creating Christmas Stories

Get your younger pupils writing awesome Christmas stories with the Create Your Own template.

We know this time of year is hectic, so here are a few story plot ideas, which you can give to pupils to base their Christmas tale around…

  • The angel/fairy on the Christmas tree comes to life and takes your pupils on a magical adventure
  • Santa’s reindeer escape so your pupils help save Christmas
  • A magic key takes your pupils to Santa’s workshop where they help make toys and wrap presents
  • An elf gets lost on the way back to the North Pole from the local shopping centre and ends up in your school!
  • For being on the good list, Santa offers your pupils all one very special wish…

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