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Spooky Sagas
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Spooky Sagas is here to inspire your pupils aged 7-11 to get writing!

Find out what lurks in pupils’ amazing imaginations with Spooky Sagas! Challenge pupils to write a mini saga, a story in just 100 words.

Can pupils use their writing powers to create a spine-tingling tale that uses atmosphere and suspense? From things that go bump in the night to Halloween pranks, your pupils will love taking part in Spooky Sagas.

Trust us, it’s going to be a scream!

Spooky Sagas Spooky Sagas


  • Only one entry per pupil, there is no limit to the number of entries per school

  • Independent entrants are welcome, please provide your full postal address rather than the school's details

  • Stories can be on the entry form or A4 sheet of paper

  • Stories must be your pupils' own work

  • Ensure that all pupils include their name and age on their entries



For Schools

1st Prize - 1 x £1000

2nd Prize - 1 x £500

3rd Prize - 1 x £250

Plus a free copy of the book your pupils feature in for every participating school!

For Pupils

10 x Spooky Sagas goody bags packed full of fun...

Plus there's a bookmark and sticker for every entrant and pupils chosen for publication will receive a certificate! Pupil winners will be chosen from entries received in the Autumn Term 2018

Spooky Sagas Pupil Prizes Spooky Sagas Pupil Prizes

How To Enter



To see the competition pack, including Full Competition Information, Post, Lesson Plan' to 'Full Competition Information, Pupil Worksheets, Lesson Plan, and more... please fill in the short form below. All download links will appear once the form is sent and the links will also be emailed to you.



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Writing Tips

Tip #1

We do our best to make sure we make things easy for you and engaging for the pupils, so take advantage of what we offer!

Utilise the Free Resources!

  • Call, email or request online additional worksheets – they are free and we’ll send as many as you need!
  • Bookmark the video, so it’s ready for your lesson
  • Download the optional lesson plan and presentation
  • Pop the closing date in your diary and paperclip the freepost sticker on that page
  • Follow us on Twitter @YoungWritersCW for tips, ideas as well as to see how other schools are getting involved

We provide everything you need to take part… let us know if we don’t, if something’s missing that would make your life even easier, let us know!

Tip #2

Setting the Scene

When pupils set their story will make a huge difference to creating an atmosphere. Writing about a street on a sunny day with lots of people sounds nice, yet if the same street was pitch-black and silent, it would give us the creeps!

Pupils can set their mini saga wherever they like, they can use traditional ideas, like a haunted house or a graveyard, but why not change it up and try something different.

Turn the lights off in the classroom, tap the desk, cough, shout “Boo!” etc – show your pupils how changing the lighting or the weather can create atmosphere. A power cut, torch battery’s failing, phone’s gone dead, fog rolls in, a storm rumbles overhead…. These make the ordinary, well, sinister!

Tip #3

Let’s get Spooky Saga writing with tip 3!

Narrative leads let pupils pack a punch in their 100 words. There’s a couple that we think work really well with Spooky Sagas…


Opening their story with a creak, a groan, a howl or a shriek sets the scene for pupils to explain what made the sound or they could leave us on a cliff-hanger wondering what went bump in the night!


Opening the story with a question, suggestion or problem is a great way to set the scene, are the characters lost, heard or seen something, maybe they are trick or treating or simply on their way home when a spooky happening occurs!

Tip #4

Just because it’s nearly Christmas doesn’t mean spooky sagas can’t be written – inspiration is all around!

Be Inspired by Christmas Slogans

Give pupils a Christmas saying or slogan to inspire their sagas, for example:

  • Is it too late to be good? – a badly behaved creature could have a change of heart and have Santa reward it for making the nice list!
  • Get in the Christmas spirit - a Christmas spirit could be a friendly ghost spending Christmas with a family!
  • Bah humbug! – Pupils could imagine what the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future do on Christmas Day!

Can pupils put a spooky twist on a festive saying?


Tip #5

It’s getting to Christmas film time again…

Christmas Movies and writing!

Why not watch The Grinch that Stole Christmas or a Nightmare Before Christmas to help inspire pupils with their spooky saga. These tales see a bad character ruin Christmas, but in the end have a change of heart and embrace the joy, kindness and fun that Christmas offers.

It’s a great way for pupils to add a moral to their mini saga – anyone can become a better person if they want to, and what better time to realise that than at Christmas! 

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