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Me and My Family |
Poetry Competition
| Reception

❤️ Me and My Family is a BRAND-NEW drawing competition for reception pupils, which invites your little artists to draw a picture of either one of their family members or their whole family! They can label their pictures too, so we know who has featured in their artwork.

🎨 Your pupils could draw a portrait of a family member, a party, a day out, or a celebration. Perhaps they share a hobby or interest with a family member that could feature in their picture... or maybe their family pet is the 'person' they'd like to draw!!

📕 Our favourite pictures will be published in the bright, colourful Me and My Family book series 

🖼️ Your pupils need to draw their entry on the Me and My Family entry form, keeping their art below the line as requested.

You can request as many entry forms as you need for your class using the resources tab on this page - we'll send as many as you need free of charge.

Get your reception pupils involved in Me and My Family today and they could be published artists! There are amazing school and pupil prizes up for grabs as well as stickers and certificates 😍

Closing Date: 22nd December 2023.

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The children really enjoyed the freedom. Well resourced with PowerPoints to support.

R Sunley, Knighton Mead Primary Academy
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Printed Resources

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Teacher Entry Form
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Competition Rules

To make sure your entries are valid, please follow the rules listed below:

  • Closing Date: Friday 22nd December 2023
  • Only one entry per pupil, there is no limit to the number of entries per school. Teachers please submit your entries all together where possible!

  • Ask your pupils to draw their picture, ensuring their name, age and school name are included.

  • Your pupils' entries must be on a Me and My Family entry form.

  • Please ask your pupils to keep their picture below the line provided on the entry form.

  • Your pupils' drawings must be their own work!

  • Your pupils can use pencils, pens, felt-tips, crayons, paints, chalks, pastels, etc to create their picture.

  • Open to pupils in Reception classes only.

  • UK entrants only.

  • Free to enter.

If you are unsure on any rules or have any queries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

For Schools

The winning reception class will receive a BUMPER box of art supplies and a trophy!

PLUS every participating reception class receives a free copy of the book their pupils' artwork features in.

For Pupils

The winning little artist's drawing will become the book's title and front cover, and they will receive a goody bag full of creative supplies!

Plus every entrant receives stickers for taking part and there are certificates for those who artwork is included in a book.

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Send your entries, along with your school entry form, to:

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Closing Date: Friday 22nd December 2023