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Twisted Tales Video

Can your students flip the narrative and write from a new point of view?

A fantastic way to explore character perspectives through creative writing...

How much does a story change if we change the point of view? Twisted Tales: A New Point Of View is a fantastic opportunity to flip the script and explore another side of the story.

These fantastic resources support your students to get involved in this competition. There are two differentiated lesson plans, 8 gripping story starters which complement 8 plot ideas that will engage younger students right through to sixth formers.

Will your students choose to give a supporting character a starring role, or will they flip the whole story on its head, turning a happy ever after into tragedy, or horror into romance?

Use the video to engage your students, then there is the planning sheet to help structure their story and even examples to help get their creativity flowing.

Every participating school receives a complimentary copy of the book their students feature in, plus a bookmark for every entrant and prizes up for grabs... see the prize section for further info.

Get your students buzzing about creative writing today with Twisted Tales: A New Point Of View!

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Young Writers Socials Feed


To make sure your entries are valid, please follow the rules listed below:

  • Only one entry per student, there is no limit to the number of entries per school. Teachers please submit your entries altogether where possible!

  • Your students' entries must be their own work.

  • Mini sagas can be submitted on the entry form or an A4 sheet of paper or typed (on a computer or using the Online Writing Portal)

  • Each student's name, age and school name should be included on their entry.

  • 100-word limit for mini sagas (excluding the title).

  • Story starters are optional, but must be included in the word count if used.

If you are unsure on any rules or have any queries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

For Schools

1st Prize

The Young Writers' Award of Excellence and an awesome book bundle.

2 x Runners-Up

Each wins a framed certificate and a selection of books.


Every participating school receives a free copy of the book their students feature in!

(Winners will be chosen from entries received in the 2021/2022 academic year.)

For Students

Our 5 favourite published writers will each win a trophy and a Complete Writer's Toolkit - Young Adult Edition.
This amazing prize lets the budding authors plan, write, and publish their own books!


Every entrant receives a bookmark and we award a certificate of merit to all young writers chosen for publication.

(Winners will be chosen from entries received in the Summer Term 2022.)


Send your entries by uploading them:

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Enter through our student writing portal:

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Alternatively, you can email your entries to [email protected].

By Post

Send your entries, along with your school entry form, to:

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Writing Tips

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Tip #1

Ask your students to take a closer look at the start and end of their plot.

The beginning of a story is very important as it sets the tone of the piece and invites the reader in – an intriguing first line can really hook the reader. Does their opening sentence contain action, description or a question? Something that piques the readers' interest?

Equally important is the ending. Whether or not the reader is given a conclusive ending or is left with a cliffhanger, it’s important the reader is left satisfied and sure of where the story ends or could end. The ending should match with the excitement of the opening… does it make sense? Is it dramatic or unexpected? Is there a cliff-hanger or a happy ever after?

Tip #2

We can all agree that what makes a really great story is its uniqueness. Twisted Tales is perfect for this as it encourages the writer to create a plot based on a viewpoint we would possibly never consider, that of the villain’s.

Encourage your students to really sink into the character they have chosen to give us, the reader, a viewpoint we would never have expected. Ask them to imagine they are the character, what’s their story? Why? Who made them like this? When did it happen? What event created the villain in them?

Finally, have a group discussion to help your students plan their story and finalise their idea to write about.

Tip #3

When writing stories, it’s very easy to get carried away with a lot of details that might not be necessary to the plot. For example, while it’s nice to know what the character’s name, age, description and hobbies are, plus any background information, adding this may mean the 100-word limit is reached before the story reaches the conclusion!

To avoid this, ask students to be aware of what is essential to the plot and what isn't. They could write down key points or use a story mountain to help them identify the essential elements of their story.

Tip #4

Twisted Tales is a great writing activity to be inspired by Victorian villains from that era’s gothic fiction, think Sweeney Todd, Magwitch, Fagin, Jekyll & Hyde, Moriarty...

Your students can get in the minds of a character they are studying, choose one to research and it may even encourage them to read the book their fictional villain is in!

We’ve shortlisted some Victorian Fictional Villains for you to help get the ball rolling – who else would you add to this? 

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