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Twisted Tales

11-18 Years

A fantastic way to explore character perspectives through creative writing...

How much does a story change if we change the point of view? Twisted Tales: A New Point Of View is a fantastic opportunity to flip the script and explore another side of the story.

These fantastic resources support your students to get involved in this competition. There are two differentiated lesson plans, 8 gripping story starters which complement 8 plot ideas that will engage younger students right through to sixth formers.

Will your students choose to give a supporting character a starring role, or will they flip the whole story on its head, turning a happy ever after into tragedy, or horror into romance?

Use the video to engage your students, then there is the planning sheet to help structure their story and even examples to help get their creativity flowing.

Every participating school receives a complimentary copy of the book their students feature in, plus a bookmark for every entrant and prizes up for grabs... see the prize section for further info.

Get your students buzzing about creative writing today with Twisted Tales: A New Point Of View!

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