Spine-Chillers 2021 |
Creative Writing Competition

11-18 Years

Spine-Chillers 2021 Video

Let's get writing today with Spine-Chillers!

What Lurks In Your Imagination?

There’s nothing better than reading a thrilling story, one that grips you so tightly and puts your senses on alert simply through the power of words.

Spine-Chillers is a fantastic way to get you writing in this way by using tension, suspense and atmosphere. It's time for you to create your own original mini saga, a story told in just 100 words, and you could become a published writer!



To make sure your entries are valid, please follow the rules listed below:

  • Only one entry per person.

  • Independent entrants must have a UK address to enter.

  • Independent entries are still eligible for pupil prizes.

  • Your name, age and address must be included with your entry.

  • Your entry must be 100 words or less.

  • Your entry must be inspired by theme of Spine-Chillers.

  • Your entry must be your own work (not copied from anyone else!).

If you are unsure on any rules or have any queries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


Spine-Chillers 2021 Prize

Student Prizes 

3 x our favourite published writers will each receive £50 & a trophy!

The student winners will be chosen from entries received in the Spring/Summer Terms 2021. 

Closing Date: Friday 30th July 2021