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Help your pupils explore their emotions & celebrate individuality...

With This Is Me, give every pupil the chance to shine!

Young Writers invite your pupils to write a poem for This Is Me and celebrate themselves in verse.

Your pupils can explore who they are and it’s a great way to discuss emotions in a safe space. From writing about someone who inspires them to their dreams for the future or even an acrostic using their name or a word that describes them, there is so much to get your pupils to enjoy poetry writing.

There are a ton of free resources for you to download, including a handy parent info guide to explain how to take part, an engaging video, a fantastic lesson plan, an idea generator as well as example poems and video poem inspiration to help support your pupils to write their 'This Is Me' poems in any style.

If you haven't tried the Online Writing Portal yet (where your pupils type their work during a lesson or as homework) check it out today at

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Young Writers Socials Feed


To make sure your entries are valid, please follow the rules listed below:

  • Only one entry per pupil, there is no limit to the number of entries per school. Teachers please submit your entries altogether where possible!

  • Ask your pupils to write/type their poem, ensuring their name, age and school name are included.

  • Poems can be on the entry form or an A4 sheet of paper or typed (on a computer or in the Online Writing Portal).

  • Pupils' poems must be their own work!

  • Poems can be written in any poetic style & use any poetic techniques.

If you are unsure on any rules or have any queries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

For Schools

1st Prize

The Young Writers' Award of Excellence and £100 National Book Token for your class


The Positive Teacher Company prize bundle that includes a subject leader journal, 3 x planners and 2 x academic diaries for you!

2 x Runners-Up

Each wins a framed certificate and a selection of books


Every participating school receives a free copy of the book their pupils feature in!

(Winners will be chosen from entries received in the 2021/2022 academic year.)

For Pupils

Our 10 favourite published poets will each win a fantastic creative writing goody bag!


Every entrant receives a bookmark and we award a certificate of merit for all young writers chosen for publication.

(Winners will be chosen from entries received in the Summer Term 2022. Goody bag image is an example, contents may differ)


Send your entries by uploading them:

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Enter through our pupil writing portal:

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Alternatively, you can email your entries to [email protected].

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Send your entries, along with your school entry form, to:

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Writing Tips

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Tip #1

Can your pupils use colours to describe different parts of their personality?


For example:

My loving heart is deep red like a beautiful rose,

My anger at bedtime is fiery orange.


What are their favourite colours? What emotions do they feel? What are they good at? What are their dislikes? These all make great foundations for a colour poem!


Encourage your pupils to use similes and adjectives to boost their imagery.

Tip #2

Print off a template of a body outline for each pupil, get them to draw one, or you can simply do this as a list.

Get your pupils to label each body part with something unique about themselves e.g.
• Legs that run every race
• Eyes that cry when I get frustrated
• Fingers that tickle my brother

Remind them that it can be their insides too!
• My brain that tries hard at maths
• My heart that loves my family

Once they have this list, encourage them to improve each line by adding adjectives or imagery.
Then they can decide what order to put them in, and they’ve written a ‘This Is Me’ poem.

Tip #3

Similes and Metaphor

This Is Me is perfect for getting your pupils to use similes and metaphors.

Get your pupils to write a list about themselves, it can either be physical traits, emotions, likes and dislikes or a mix of them all:

• I love playing Minecraft
• I have blonde hair
• I like swimming

Now can your pupils create a simile or metaphor to describe each one?


• My love for Minecraft is bright blue like the diamonds I mine.
• I have hair as blonde as the beach on a desert island.
• When I swim I am a dolphin darting through the water.

Encourage your pupils to add adjectives and adverbs to the lines to boost the imagery.

Tip #4

Ask your pupils to divide a piece of paper into four boxes. Add a header to each one:

• Personality
• Emotion
• Physical
• Likes and Dislikes

Ask them to write as many adjectives and noun phrases in each box to describe themselves.

At the end of the activity they should have lots of ideas to create a poem for This Is Me. Ask them to turn those ideas into sentences. They can use a mix of ideas from all of the boxes or pick just one aspect to focus on.

This is a fun way to focus their writing while expressing themselves!

Tip #5

Let’s write a recipe poem! Ask your pupils to write down anything that describes them – emotions, personality traits, physical appearance etc

Now ask them to think about and write down any language and measurements that appear in a recipe for a cake. E.g. Teaspoons, grams, tablespoons, pinch etc

Also get them to include actions that would appear in a recipe: mix, add, fold, bake etc

Now they need to combine the recipe language with the details about themselves. Encourage them to add descriptive language to extend their lines and vocabulary.


• In a bowl mix 200 grams of cheerfulness
• With a pinch of morning grumpiness

Extra challenge: Can they make it a rhyming recipe poem?

• Add two sparkling blue eyes
• And smiling lips that laugh with surprise!

Tip #6

Get your pupils writing a portrait poem using the following structure:

I am (name)
(Relation e.g. son/daughter/brother/sister/friend etc) of …
Who loves…
Who hates...
Who admires…
Who fears…
Who dreams of…
Who needs…
Pupil of (class/school name)
Resident of (house, town, country, planet!)
I am (name)

They can use any of these lines or add their own ideas for extra lines.

Encourage them to use imagery such as similes and metaphors to take their ideas for each line to the next level and create a fantastic, personal 'This Is Me' poem! 

Tip #7

Ask your pupils to divide a piece of paper into four boxes. Add a header to each one:
•    I am
•    I feel
•    I believe
•    I have

Ask them to write as many noun phrases and adjectives in each box to describe themselves. They will end up with lots of ideas to create a poem for This Is Me. Ask them to turn their ideas into sentences. Can they make any of them rhyme? They can pick just one box to use for the whole poem, or use a mixture to create their poems.

Tip #8

A diamante poem can easily be turned into a personal portrait poem. Ask your pupils to follow this structure for their poem:

First name
Two adjectives to describe themselves
Describes the position in the family
(e.g. daughter/son/brother/sister of… first child of…)
Two things they like doing
Feels happy when… (other emotions can be used)
Two more adjectives to describe themselves

For example:
Friendly, curious
Daughter of Janet and Kevin
Likes reading books and walking the dog
Feels happy when playing games
Creative, thoughtful

Tip #9

Ask your pupils to write down as many things they can think of that would make up their perfect day.

It can be a place they go and what they see there, people they see, things they do, food they eat, whatever they like!

There are no limits – encourage them to go wild with their imaginations and really think about what would make a day perfect.

For example:
Every day is Saturday when I awake
My mum has made blueberry pancakes
I look in the mirror and I have perfect hair
Then a dragon arrives to take me to the fair

Challenge them to see if they can add any rhyming couplets, and encourage them to use ambitious vocabulary and imagery to create their This Is Me poem!

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