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This competition is now closed.

Adventure Hunters

7-11 Years

Adventure Hunters Video

Adventure Hunters takes your pupils' imaginations on a journey to create an exciting mini saga...

Turn your classroom into the most exciting place on Earth with Adventure Hunters!

A jungle trek, an erupting volcano, hidden ruins, a dark cave, an avalanche, a new planet, a shipwreck, a perilous quest... adventure stories are brilliant! They let the writer escape anywhere, create excitement, experience action and a bit of danger all via their imagination.

Use these amazing, free resources to ignite creativity and inspire all your pupils to write a mini saga (a story told in just 100 words). Will they be a daredevil explorer? A treasure hunter? A hero... or a villain?

We can't wait to find out!!

Your pupils can use of the 8 optional story starters and quest ideas on the worksheet to fire up their imaginations. There’s also a handy lesson plan online that covers building a story and descriptive writing along with a video.

What are you waiting for? The adventure starts now...

School Prizes

1st Prize

The Young Writers' Award of Excellence, a year's annual school subscription to SPaG Monsters and an awesome book bundle!

2 x Runners-Up

Each wins a framed certificate and a year's annual school subscription to SPaG Monsters!


Every participating school receives a free copy of the book their pupils feature in!

(Winners will be chosen from entries received in the 2021/2022 academic year.)

Pupil Prizes

Our 5 favourite published writers will each win a Complete Writer's Toolkit - Junior Edition!
This amazing prize gives kids the tool to write and publish their very own book.


Every entrant receives a bookmark and we award a certificate of merit for all young writers chosen for publication.

(Winners will be chosen from entries received in the Autumn Term 2021.)

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