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Poetry Competition

5-7 Years

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Engage your pupils with poetry writing this term!

Get your 5-7 year-olds writing kind, thoughtful acrostic poems!

Inspire your younger pupils to celebrate their favourite person by writing a heartfelt acrostic about them! It’s a fantastic way to learn about poetry as well as practise descriptive writing, but it’s also a kind and thoughtful activity, that will put smiles on many faces!

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Young Writers Socials Feed


To make sure your entries are valid, please follow the rules listed below:

  • Only one entry per pupil, there is no limit to the number of entries per school. Teachers please submit your entries altogether where possible!

  • Ask your pupils to write/type their acrostic, ensuring their name, age and school name are included.

  • Ensure that all pupils include their name and age on their entry.

  • Where possible, the school to send / upload / email all their pupils' entries to us.

  • Independent entries are welcome - please provide your home address details instead of the school's / use the independent entry form..

If you are unsure on any rules or have any queries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

For Schools

Young Writers’ Award of Excellence and a selection of books

2 x framed certificates and a selection of books

Every participating school receives a free copy of the book their pupils feature in!

An Acrostic For You Prize

For Pupils

10 x our favourite published young writers each win a creative writing goody bag!


Every entrant receives a sticker and bookmark.
A certificate of merit for all young writers chosen for publication!


Send your entries by uploading them:

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Enter through our pupil typing portal:

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Alternatively, you can email your entries to [email protected].

By Post

Send your entries, along with your school entry form, to:

Young Writers KS1
Remus House

Writing Tips

Tip #1

Once your pupils have decided who they would like to dedicate their acrostic to, ask them to think about something kind they would like to say to them. It could be ‘Thank you’, ‘I love you’ or even ‘Be happy’. Once they have their message they can use this as the start of their acrostic, writing it down the left-hand side of the entry form, and then they can develop their message acrostic.

Tip #2

To get pupils thinking about adjectives and how to use them, give them sentences to embellish, and ask them to shout out or write down their ideas. For example; “My

Tip #3

Ask your pupils to close their eyes and pretend to put on the Super Vision Goggles/Glasses. These give pupils special vision so they can pretend they are someone else. Who will they be?
Pupil write their acrostic from that person’s point of view, they could pretend to be their parent, idol, a key worker or even you!

Tip #4

Similes are a great way to add interest and vocabulary to writing. It’s also a lovely way for your pupils to describe their favourite person exactly how they see them for a really personalised touch to the poem.

Get your pupils familiar with this poetic technique by asking them to help fill in the blanks with similes:

• The nurse is like a…
   E.g. The nurse is like a heavenly angel.
• My puppy is as .............. as a ……….
  My puppy is as fast as a Ferrari.
• My mummy is as beautiful as……………..
  My mummy is as beautiful as a shiny diamond ring.
• Grandad is like a ……..
  Grandad is like a wrinkly raisin with a big smile.

Why not ask your pupils to think of some more people to describe using similes!

Tip #5

Why not create a list of 'people that help us' to inspire your pupils' acrostics?

Aim for 10-15 people on your list and ask pupils to pick their favourite person from it to give thanks to! You could also provide pupils with a list of adjectives that relate to that person/job to give them a starting point for their acrostic.

Lorry Driver
Shop Assistant
Teacher (or teacher's name)
Police Officer

This would make a fantastic online display to share with parents... even the wider community to show them how kind and thankful your pupils are to the people that help them.

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Closing Date: Friday 6th November 2020