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Wintertime Rhymes Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in Wintertime Rhymes 2016! We are pleased to announce our two winners are...

A Cold Christmas

Worn and tired, but spirits high,
Feet muddy and cold, but hearts warm,
Having a break from the bullet storm.
A time for cheer, oh Christmas is nigh.
Singing carols, frost nipping at their toes;
Two different sides, joined in song,
In harmony together, Christmas won't be long,
The voices linked arms, and together they rose.
But something changed in their minds,
Fighting seemed needless,
Out of bravery, soldiers rose to the surface,
No bullets, no rounds, there was no purpose,
It was a day of celebration, a day of meekness;
Joined by war, separated by sides.
They played, they sang, celebrated such a day,
They celebrated Christmas in their own way.
Oh they met in true spirit and shared their good tides.
Until, the day was over, and time to say their goodbyes.

Leah Wilcox (12)
The William Allitt School, Swadlincote



Snow blanketed the entire area
Denser than the ice biome in Terraria
Persephone traipsed down into the earth
Desperately yearning for her annual rebirth
A pallid mist filled the land
Winter touched by Nature's hand
Ethereal spiders' webs hung off oaks
Shadows of gloom flew around in cloaks
Flowers shivered when the wind howled
A gust of air in harmony with the clouds
A symphony of songbirds echoed the mighty call
But all this weather was made to enthral
Trees limned by December's uncharitable light
Nevertheless were a spectacular sight
Icicles like sharp daggers adorned the trees
Rime scattered all over the leaves
Wrens still searching swooped in the sky
Almost all plants were ready to die
Meanwhile, creatures hibernating
Awaited the joyous rebirth of spring.

Maximus Walker (9)
Westminster Under School, London

Maximus and Leah have both won a fantastic goodie bag crammed full of books!