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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in Winter Wonderland 2015! We are pleased to announce our two winners are...

Max Jarvis 
Sutton St James Community Primary School, Lincolnshire

Life Of A Snowflake

As a warm, crackling fire lights up the night,
the stars up above take you out of sight.
As the snow drifts down very slow,
the fire does its job, with a bright glow.
When ice is created, row by row,
by its side is a carpet of snow.
As if by magic, as dark as midnight,
the ground changes colour from green to white.
As a cluster of snowflakes begin to race,
people wake up with a smile on their face.
And as people look up, as if in a trance,
how silently they watch the snowflakes dance.
Max Jarvis


Esha Sudera
Langley Grammar School , Berkshire


An icy chill kisses my cheeks and turns them rosy red
Powdery snowflakes drift from the sky to land softly on my head,
Arctic arms envelop me and squeeze every ounce of breath
The flowers, trees and honey bees have met with hasty death.
Hands feel leaden in my pockets, fingers painfully numb
Whispering leaves and birdsong have slowly fallen dumb,
My muted footsteps fall silently on the fleecy carpet of snow
Where life was once abundant and the sun cast its golden glow.
The sky is bleak and heavy, the cold whisks my words away
My mind replays warm summer days to wipe away the grey,
Still I see Winter’s beauty through her fingers chilling hold
And see her splendour in picture books with stories to be told.
Esha Sudera