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General Competition

Treasured Verse Winner

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem for this collection, we've enjoyed reading all of your work.

Congratulations to Fatimah Dhuhaa Sadiq from Slough whose wonderful poem 'Star Gazing' has been awarded 1st prize...

Star Gazing

Many places I have been,
Many sorrowful things I have seen.
One day I sit near the window,
I look out, and there I stay.
And as I look... I feel grief,
And then I start to weep.
But as I look up to the sky,
Way way up high.
I know I'm not alone,
I feel it in my own.
As I gaze up to the sky,
Way, way up high.
I can see the stars in clusters,
Suddenly I feel so much lustre.
Joy sweeps in as I open my eyes,
I know I'm not alone.
My brother stares back at me,
through many memories.
And I know I'm not alone,
I feel it in my own.
Stars fly by,
As I watch them in the sky.
I'm so grateful for having company,
I remember you and me.
But grief takes over.
And as the stars fly by
I want to cry.
But it's not over yet
I promise I will meet you.
Love stays with you.
I beam up to the stars.
And it comes from the heart.
I have a wish to see you.
It could tear me apart.
Through God we will reunite.
I say that with my promise true.
As I look to myself
I know I'm not alone.
Hearts tremble,
No words come out.
My lips turn stout.
My brother, my brother.
Hearts never change,
Even when you feel so much pain.
Sometimes in my mind I hear
Glorious music from the sky.
Way up high, way up high.
Grief stays in hearts
Even though it tears you apart.
You have to fight through it so hard.
So hard and so far.
At the stars I gaze,
My smile turns into a craze.
Life is a maze,
Sometimes, it sets me off in a daze.
Joy and grief mix
I am happy God sent you to Heaven,
It's like I'm free
And I'm happy, I am who I want to be.
It's a joy to see you in Heaven,
To see you happy in my dreams.
Love never dies, and as I gaze out to the stars
I know I am not alone
I feel it in my own.
I know I am not alone.

© Fatimah Dhuhaa Sadiq 2016