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Teen Poets

Teen Poets Winners

We are delighted to announce the best poet in Teen Poets 2017 - Voices Of Youth and who has won a Divergent box set is...

Sabrina Sihra from Greenwood
Poem Title: The Broken Butterfly

The Broken Butterfly

Opinions ripped but savagely beautiful
getting paler and colder, forming crystals.
One touch and she will crumble into dust,
ashes, bountifully crushed.
Heaven's water eternally frozen;
clear shards, quartz crystal, painfully crafted.
Her wings covered with a laminate layer
as I cry out to God with one last prayer.
Mesmerised, with the stillness of a body
so alive at one time, I would sit and just stare
into the orbuculum. Peering into an abyss of fortune,
thinking of how your life began - simply a cocoon.

©️ Sabrina Sihra