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Teen Poets

Teen Poets - Echoes of Silence Winners

We are delighted to announce the best poet in Echoes Of Silence - A Collection of Teen Poetry and who has won a Divergent box set is...

Oliwia Geisler (17) from Sutton with 'Freedom'.




In equestrianism we borrow freedom,
they say. In the wind, in our hair
and the beating of our hearts we find a soul,
fuelled by the ricocheted stampede of hooves in the air.
But ask you now, I must: exactly where
is this freedom you speak of? In the mare
we urge to canter tirelessly, as if a machine,
or in the chains we use to bind her to fields of luscious green?
Fields she may not roam, devour,
in our fear she will acknowledge her true power
and learn to hold in disregard human dominion, authority -
passing on ruthless behaviour to the majority.
But perhaps true freedom lies in the whip we hold tenaciously
to our liberator's neck, determined to never really
set it free.

Oliwia Geisler (17)