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Summertime Rhymes

Summertime Rhymes Winners

For Summertime Rhymes we invioted 5-18 year-olds to write a poem about summer. What does summer mean to you? We wanted you to share with us in verse, what you love or loathe, or a favourite summer memory! From BBQs, holidays and ice creams to wasps, rain and hayfever, there's plenty to inspire your poem!

Thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to all of our winners.

1st place winner of a iPad Mini is...

Christopher Tang from Watford
Featured in - Summertime Rhymes - Halcyon Days
Poem Title - Memory Beach

Memory Beach

Walking hand in hand on the beach
Our footprints in the sand
The cool summer wind that breathes
Its life across the land.
I see the summer memories
That float by in my eyes
I feel the taste of happiness blow
As I stare up at the skies
Summer has held many great things.
Parties, silly fun.
But one thing I won't forget
Is our time in the sun.
I feel warm when I'm next to you.
Walking side by side.
On this beach as we relive the times
Where we all laughed and cried.
It's summer that gave us this
I'll remember that when you go
I'll hold your hand and keep you close
But you'll leave one day, I know.
So I reach the end of the strip
The water lapping at our feet
The summer thoughts that now fly by
Oh, they're good but bittersweet.
The summer has now reached an end
But I need you by my side.
Too late, you're gone.
Walked back into the tide.
Christopher Tang

The runner-ups who have won a Staedtler pen set are...

Faith Schooley from Yeovil
Featured in - Summertime Rhymes - Sizzling Sensations
Poem Title - A Day at the Beach...

William Kent from Perth
Featured in - Summertime Rhymes - Halcyon Days
Poem Title - The Return of Summer